Julep Nail Polish Review

So I finally used the Julep polishes.  Here is my review:

1) The colors are very opaque and vibrant.  I used all 3 colors and they did not streak.  The color in the bottle is what you should expect to show on your nails.


2) The polish is not clumpy and it is easy to apply.  I must say that I always got a big drop of polish running down the stem unto the brush and if I wasn’t careful, it would fall unto my cuticle.  But once I figured that this process was inevitable, I just keep an eye on the stem and I would make the drop of polish fall back in the bottle.

3) I got the box for free so no complaints about the cost.  But I would never, ever spend 14$ on polish, which is the cost of each bottle. It’s good polish but it ain’t that great for me to spend 14$ on a bottle.

4) Julep has very nice packaging.  The bottles are tall and rectangular, which provides a very unique look.


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