Freedom Friday: Still Here

Jilly from Philly!

A favorite artist of mine.  I listened to Beautifully Human faithfully while working my newspaper route after graduating from college (little known fact) and every single track is beautiful.  I don’t remember when I stumbled on the track, Still Here, as it’s a hidden track, but once I heard it I fell in love with it.  I was playing her CD this week and when the beat dropped, my hands rose.  I love this jam!

First of all, Jill’s voice is incomparable – there is nothing like it, her range is amazing.  Her voice is so sultry and soothing – I am always amazed when she sings this song.  Some songs I can sing along with, others I can’t.  This song, I can’t sing along with.  The lyrics are soo powerful and her voice is so connected to the words that I can’t interfere with her feeding my soul. When I hear her sing Still Here I’m convinced that she is, everything she says she is. 

This song always speaks to me because it reinforces the idea that despite what people say or don’t say about you and despite what they do or don’t do for you,  You are still here!  You can’t hold me down – I’m unstoppable! I don’t need validation from others, I know who I am and I know the power I possess.  I am the epitome of woman, hear me ROAR!

I am a boisterous river/I am a mountains story/I am a quiet feeling/I am a fragrant flower/I am a moonlit evening/I am a peaceful night/I am a writers thinking/I am a wealth unfathomed

Chorus: And if you don’t recognize my presence, I am here/And if you don’t recognize me, I am here

I am a source of power/I am excited journey/I am the rock of patience/I am a whisper singing/I am unbridled freedom/I am the thought from thinking/I am a love unshattered/I am the great orgasm



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