The Superhero’s Story

Am I reading a Superhero’s story?!?

The Superhero, a kind soul, comes in contact an evil, big, strong, illogical and defiant Villain. The Villain is waaaaay bigger and waaaaay stronger than the Superhero. The Superhero feels like a 5 year old in the Hulk’s hands. But the Superhero, despite his size is waaaaay smarter and he’s, well The Superhero of the story, so we all know how these stories end.

The Villain is an instigator. He picks on and batters the Superhero. The Superhero isn’t one with his power, he can’t think of how to shoot his gun. Only clicks no bangs. Yikes!!! What will happen? Is this the end of our beloved Superhero?!
Suddenly, he figures out how to shoot his gun. Bang! Bang! 2 shots fired! The Villain retreats, the Superhero pursues.
Suddenly the villain regains his powers and comes back for more – he turns around “grunting” and begins to run in the Superhero’s direction. The Villain’s hand is balled up to his side and the other is under his shirt in his waistband. Could this be the end of our beloved Superhero?!?!

The Villain has crazy powers, so much so that he runs towards the Superhero whilst the Superhero is shooting at him – body flenching from shots but he still continues to run towards the Superhero. Will the Villain ever pull out a gun and shoot at the Superhero?!?!

Rounds of shots are fired at the Villain but he never returns a single shot.

::cue victorious music::

The Superhero finally becomes one with his power and puts an end to the giant, powerful Villain. The Superhero shoots the fatal shot – to the head, and the Villain’s face goes blank, the aggression is gone and the threat is stopped. The villain falls on his face and his legs pop up then they rest. The Superhero has rid the city of one more villain. The Villain is dead and the Superhero wins -as always.

McCulloch talked about independent witnesses not being credible?!?! How could anyone with half a brain listen to this rehearsed version and believe it? I’m not buying it!


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