Hello 2015!!!

2014 is coming to a close. Within a couple of hours we will be toasting to the New Year! I was thinking about chilling home but writing this blog is amping me up.  I’m going to wear a fly dress, beat my face and bring in the new year right!

2014 was a great year for me professionally.  Although, I was adamant about leaving my job earlier in the year, I got 2 raises this year.  My supervisor thinks the world of me and I’m starting to realize the many benefits of working at my office – autonomy and great benefits. I always think, “How am I going to make it elsewhere?” Anyways, I’m still not totally convinced that this is my life’s worth but I’m okay for now.

I also got in a relationship this year.  I’ve known him since college and I’ve dated him for a couple of years before we officially became a couple.  I’m excited about the present and look forward to the progression of our relationship.

This year I traveled to Chicago (my second home – my boyfriend lives there), Madison (biked and rented a boat), Charlotte (awesome time with my family, this is where I spent my 31st birthday), Oakland/San Francisco (love the West Coast – wine, thrifting and symphony), Atlanta (the city of my growth, visited home (Spelman) and ate some good food) and New Orleans (the livest trip I have ever been on – what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans). I had a blast in all of those cities.

I read some incredible books: Faded Diamonds (co-written by my sister, Stacey Pacouloute – get you a copy), The Alchemist, Outliers and The Twelve Tribes of Hattie.  I started a book club with my friends in 2014 and I plan to continue and improve it in 2015.

My sister got married in 2014! Yay! I was a bridesmaid. I haven’t been in a wedding in years so it was cool to be apart of an awesome ceremony.

In 2014, I began the process of my journey to minimalism – something we will talk about more in depth next year.  I gave a ton of stuff away and I am hoping to purge more.  I don’t have a number of items I want to have in my closet but I do know that I want to wear 95% of my wardrobe.  I’m no where near there yet but I’m going to press forward until I get there.  My ultimate goal on this site is to make it a lifestyle and fashion blog. So I want to continue writing personal blogs but I want to also incorporate fashion and makeup.

In 2014, I scored some great finds: Tory Burch shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses, a Versace dress and a host of other vintage cuteness! My BFF and I also started our preloved and vintage clothing company called Porters Vintage. You’ll be hearing a lot about our business venture in 2015.

I’m trying to recall everything that I am proud of, that happened in 2014, but I can’t.  I know for certain that 2014 was not filled with just “good things”.  There were a lot of down, hard times.  There were times when I was ungrateful, times I wanted to cry, times that I was just plain unhappy with the way things were going.  But it’s all a part of this process we call life.

I’m looking forward to 2015! My BFF and I have our annual resolutions telephone call, so I will be coming back after I put more thought into the goals that I am setting for the next 365 days.  Thank you all for sticking through it with me and I hope that you will continue to read and support, tomorrow! 🙂


Be sure to follow @sheloveslight for pictures from 2014!


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