Thrift Find #3: Green Jacket


This jacket was thrifted in Atlanta, GA.  It’s oversized and can be belted but I like wearing it without one.  I saw this jacket near the dressing room and it was tucked away in kids clothes.  I saw it hanging there and i took a peek and saw this beautiful jacket staring back at me.  I grabbed it and immediately thought of fly seasoned women who wear jackets like these.  They usually pair it with huge ass vintage earrings or a statement necklace and they wear their hair in a fade.  I love fly women!  Anyways, I like to pair this with all black.  t’s pretty chic and it adds flare to a simple black dress.

DSC_0728DSC_0734This dress is a simple black fitted jersey dress is from H&M.  I love these dresses! You can dress them up or wear them very casual.


Necklace: Topshop in Chicago


Shoes: Old Navy (Thrifted in Atlanta)


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