Wash Day


I washed my hair this past Sunday.  I used Ology White Pear and Cucumber Shampoo and Conditioner.  They were on clearance at Walgreens so I decided to buy them out ($1.30 each).  I gave my sisters the shampoo and conditioners as gifts.

I am very familiar with the line. I actually use their facial towelette to remove my makeup and I’ve used their Lavender Pure Castile Soap. Both items are my fav! Ology products are free of harmful ingredients and are exlcusively at Walgreens.

The Ology White Pear and Cucumber Shampoo and Conditioner is sulfate and paraben free. There are no silicones or artificial fragrances.  And the scent is to die for.  Even with it being very natural, it still produced suds and it did good with cleansing my hair.  It also didn’t leave my hair feeling striped.  The Conditioner provided moisture and is pretty thick, so I didn’t have to use too much.

My process for washing my hair:

  1. I let hot water run through my locs.  As hot as I can take it.  I do this because I want to break down any products in my hair.  The water will be a bit dark from the dirt and buildup in the hair. I do this for about 3-5 minutes.
  2. Once the water is not as dark, I start to wash with shampoo. Because I have thick hair, I wash my hair in sections.  I also focus on problem areas.  I wash each section 2/3 times.  I scrub the scalp down the length of the locs.
  3. I rinse the shampoo out.
  4. If my hair is fully moisturized I don’t use Conditioner.  If I think my hair needs moisture I use conditioner.
  5. I apply conditioner only 1x (dollop sized) and it’s applied to the entire head.
  6. I leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes and then I wash out.  I try my best to thoroughly rinse my conditioner out because it will create buildup if I do not.
  7. Fin.

Once I’m done with the washing process, I towel dry my hair and I usually begin to retwist.  There has been times where I let my hair dry and then retwist later.  This last retwist, I did the later because I had to go to church.  If my hair is dry, I just make sure to add moisture to my hair.  I used the Nubian Kinks Liquid Vitamin Leave in Conditioner to each section of my hair and my sister began the retwist process.

I used Nubian Kinks Locing and Styling Pomade to retwist.  I love this product, holds well and leaves your hair shiny and well moisturized.  It took about 2 hours to retwist and then viola!



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