Wintertime Chi

I travelled to Chicago to support my man at his going away reception. It was at a café in Englewood and it was pretty nice. It was cold but not terribly cold. He gave an awesome impromptu speech and I fell in love again.  He’s so awesome!

After the reception we headed to Mr. Brown’s Lounge, our favorite Jamaican spot in Chicago. We ordered our usual, jerk chicken, rice and peas, cabbage and plantains. He also ordered a side of coco bread. I ordered rum punch, he got a Red Stripe.  The food was delicious per usual and the portions are humongous, so big that I had enough for lunch the next day.

On Friday, I dropped him off to work and thought I would go thrifting.  I called my girl up and she recommended a Goodwill in the area.  I found parking, went inside the Goodwill, walked around then decided that I wasn’t up for thrifting so I left.  I went back home, ate my left overs from Mr. Brown’s Lounge and went to bed.  Blame it on the weather.  For dinner we had Harold’s Chicken – my must have every time I go to Chicago.  I get hot, mild, salt and pepper on my chicken.  What’s your combo?

On Saturday my boyfriend went to meet up with some of his friends and I went shopping.  I went to several boutiques but finally picked a few pieces from The Denim Lounge.  I purchased a couple of nude shirts and an infinity scarf.  After that we met up and went to the mall.  He was looking for new glasses and of course he wanted my help.  I ended up picking out his Ray-ban frames – I have to always remind him who picked them out for him.  LOL! After that entire ordeal (picking frames, getting an eye exam and all of the extras associated with getting new glasses), we went to see a play called, The People Could Fly and Other Tales of Freedom (based on the book). It was pretty short but it was really good and it sparked great conversation.

After the play, we headed to The Promontory for drinks and eats.  I had their Heart Roasted Feta and the Kalbi Beef Short Rib.  I must admit I enjoyed the roasted feta better than the rib dish.  They had an assortment of olives, the warm twisted french break and the scorched feta was #uhmazing!


I also had the Jack Rose Cocktail and it was #uhmazing.

It started to snow when we entered the restaurant and when we exited the snow started to stick.


Superbowl Sunday came and it just kept on snowing.  We managed to get out of the house and we went to have brunch at Wildberry.



The choices are endless and the food was delicious.  We stepped out of the restaurant and the wind was blowing hard.  Next stop, the mall to pick up his glasses.  I’m not sure what made us think we could run all of those errands during a storm in the making.  LOL!

We made it back home safely and got stuck in the parking lot because the snow was so high and our tires were spinning.  It took us an hour to park!! With the help of a Good Samaritan and a shovel, my man pulled us through.  I watched him fight through the snow and I was in the car cheering for him.  I was like, “That’s my man!”

We went to the bar downstairs and watched some of the Super Bowl and had drinks and wings.  We went back upstairs and looked out our window and saw something that had us put on our shoes and run back downstairs.

dogsWe saw these doggies — #Samoyeds.  Their owner was walking all three of them in the snow.  It was so hot! It looked like it belonged in a magazine.  So we ran downstairs and met them.  They were so friendly and so cute.  We talked to their owners for like an hour.  They are comprised of a mom, dad and daughter.  My boyfriend and I were so enamored that we wanted to get one. But reality smacked us behind our heads and we just enjoyed their time with us,

I was supposed to leave at 6 am on Monday, but of course because of the blizzard my flight was cancelled and rescheduled to Monday afternoon.  That was cool with me, because I didnt have to wake up so early and I could spend more time with the boo.  As always I enjoyed my time in the Chi snow and all.



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