My Journey to Becoming a Minimalist

I have been on a minimalist journey since the end of last year. The process for me has been a difficult one.

How much should I keep? Should I donate this or should I sell it? Can I still go shopping?

I have purged every month and I still have items in my closet that I don’t really love. I just can’t seem to separate from certain pieces.  It really is an uphill battle but I am learning a lot about myself.

  • I have attachment issues.  Even if I don’t wear it often, the fact that I chose it, (purchased it) gives it significance in my life.  It can be the wrong color, cut and fit, if it’s in my closet it hurts to see it go to another home.
  • I’m learning my style.  Minimalism forces you to pay attention to what you grab the most.
  • My mental stability is affected when I have too much stuff. I sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I own.  It makes me depressed.  A clear, organized space allows for a more creative, productive me.
  • I place too much value on materialistic things.  I am on this journey is to shake up my value system.  I want to invest in relationships and experiences more than I invest in clothes.

It’s going to be one hell of a ride.  I will keep you all updated about my progress.

My goal is to have a closet that I love. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort to get there but I know that I am ready.


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