Minimalism and Attachment Issues

I have a closet on Poshmark. I’ve had it way before venturing in the land of minimalism but I thought it would be a good way to aid me on the journey. On Poshmark you make your price but people can also send you an offer (you can also counteroffer if you like).  The most attractive thing about a potential buyer making an offer is that the potential buyer commits to purchasing your item, if you accept their offer.  So you have a guaranteed sale if you accept.  So a woman made an offer, $5 less than the asking price for a nude polka dot dress.  Can I tell you, it took me the entire day to figure out if I would accept her offer or not.  I agonized over the decision the entire day.

“I should just delete the post and keep my beautiful dress. I wore it to my sister’s bridal shower– memories.  It’s so gorgeous.  I will never find another one like it.”

“Well, I did put it for sale, so I don’t love it.  I can get money for it – it’s a guaranteed sale.  The dress is a couple of seasons old.  There will be another dress that I love. Hell, I purchased a couple of dresses that I loved a couple of weeks ago, those will replace this one.”  

While driving home after work, I finally made up my mind and I decided to sell.  The objective is to get rid of stuff that I don’t love. I did like the dress because it was nude and the sleeves were so gorgeous but it was too big for me, my bra would always show and I would have to wear a belt to make it hug me right.  So in the end, I let it go.


2 thoughts on “Minimalism and Attachment Issues

  1. Way to go! That’s your first step and it will get easier as time goes by. I too have certain attachment issues with some of my clothes that I’ve had for so many years all because it was my favorite or it was still in good condition or until I outgrew them lol. But on a serious note I felt better when I let them go because some else will appreciate it. Now I have more room in my draws and now I can buy new pieces every once in a while and try not to buy stuff that i don’t need. It also made me realize that I had way too many clothes and most of the time I bought them on impulse. Now I have self control.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I totally agree with you, it really is about self-control. It’s funny that you say self control because that is my new year word/theme. A woman who can control herself is a powerful woman.
      I too am an impulse buyer. I’ve been pretty good lately. And minimalism is forcing me to make more well informed decisions.

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