Weekend Tales: A Day in New York City

Plan: Go to NYC for a couple of hours. Fly into NYC, on Saturday evening and fly out Sunday evening.

Reality: My flight out of Ft. Lauderdale gets pushed back twice. It’s raining cats and dogs in S. Florida.

I had the opportunity to switch seats to an emergency exit for more leg room. I thought it was a great trade. But I was soo uncomfortable in that exit seat. There was no an arm rest near the window and my seat could not recline. I was supposed to get to the airport hours before my boyfriend but he ended up getting there an hour before me so he waited for my flight to arrive.

Once I arrived we caught a cab to our hotel in Harlem. The purpose of our trip was to see our college friend preach his last sermon as staff at a church in Harlem and to celebrate with him on landing a new job.

His friend met up with us at our hotel and we headed out to have some drinks and food at a spot up the street. The next morning we headed to church to support our friend.

After church we went to have brunch. The snow was coming down hard. My boyfriend told me that my flight was cancelled. I was pissed off because I needed to be at work the next day because I had a couple of cases set for trial. I contacted the airline and they told me that they could put me on an afternoon flight the next day. There was nothing I could do, so I accepted my flight cancellation and had a great time brunching with new and old friends. My boyfriend extended the hotel stay for me – although I told him I had plenty of friends I could stay with. Later he received news that his flight was also cancelled. LOL!

The next day we had lunch and walked this park that was filled with snow. It was so beautiful. Later, I called for an Uber and headed to the airport. Of course my flight didn’t leave on time but I wasn’t complaining. This flight was just as bad as the first one. I sat in the middle (which I abhor) and I could not get comfortable to save my life. We arrived in S. Florida a little after 8. I finally arrived home and was so happy to be in my bed.


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