Loc Style: Perm Rod Curls

I retwisted my hair 2 weeks ago.  I usually don’t wash my hair after a 2 week retwist but after I went to New York, all that snow and shenanigans had my hair looking #turrible.  So I decided to wash my hair and style it.  I chose to do these perm rods because it’s a great way to mask new growth.  It’s a great in between retwist style.  To achieve this style you will need:

  • Damp hair.  I chose to wash my hair first then install the perm rods. You can just spritz your hair if you aren’t up for a shampoo.  But damp hair is a must to achieve this look.

  • Perm rods of your choice. I chose gray because of my hair length and I wanted a tighter curl.  Use this diagram to figure out which color rod you need to achieve the curl pattern you want.
  • A Setting Product that will help your curls last long.  I used the Jane Carter “Natural Hold Locking Spray”.  It’s a good setting product because it is alcohol free thus it does not dry out my locs but I’m not sure how long my curls will last.  I will definitely let you all know in a later post. In the past, I’ve used Lottabody and it worked very well in terms of the longevity of the curls but it has a lot of alcohol and can be very drying.  Therefore you must dilute it or your hair will be very dry. 
  • IMG_0836TECHNIQUE: I used one perm road per loc because my locs are thick. If you can put two locs on a perm rod, go for it. Take the perm road and starting at the tip of your loc, begin to roll the rod upwards all the way onto your scalp.  Make sure the rod is taut and fasten the rod to secure it.
  • TIP: Make sure that your tips are flat and rolled onto the rod (your tips should not be poking outside the rod), this helps in creating nice uniform curls.
  • Do the same process with the rest of your locs.
  • Check out my friend’s @Qochemist Youtube Channel if you need a visual.


  • This part is optional. You can just let your rods air dry. I had errands to run in the early afternoon, so I washed my hair and put the rods in the early morning. Then I sat under my dryer (Gold and Hot) for about 2 hours. Sleeping with rods is no fun, so if push comes to shove, I would suggest going under your dryer.
  • NOTE: If you allow your hair to air dry it will take at least 24 hours to fully dry. And only when your hair is fully dry should you remove your rods.  Removal of your rods prematurely will result in a head full of waves that won’t last more than a day. 

Take Down: I do not unravel the rod.  I simply unfasten the rod, hold the loc down with one hand and wiggle the rod out with the other hand.  This preserves the curl. When you unravel the rod you can mess up the curl pattern.  You can put some oil on your fingertips as you wiggle the rods out.

IMG_0833As you can see some of my hair curled really well and others look like the curls are falling. My hair was 100% dry when I took out the rods, I think that I need to get a better setting product.  I am going to do this style again but I am going to try it with Lottabody.  Despite the few falling curls, I loved the way it came out. It’s a cute style that requires a little patience BUT the results are so worth it.  Please let me know if you try it out.  Tag me on Instagram @SheLovesLight if you try this style. 



2 thoughts on “Loc Style: Perm Rod Curls

  1. Hi! Thank you for mentioning Lottabody in this post (your style came out beautifully)!

    Have you tried our new Style Collection with Coconut and Shea Oils? We have a ready to use setting lotion that does not need to be diluted and it makes hair soft, adds moisture and has a host of other benefits! If you ever try it, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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