Loc Lust: Ledisi

603849_10152808735606482_568230535772887697_nWhen Ledisi was introduced to the world she would always wear her hair pinned up.  She would rock the most incredible updos.  I always wondered how long her hair was.

It wasn’t until her latest album, “The Truth” that she began to constantly wear her hair down.  With a steamy album and a slimmer body, it only made sense for this New Ledisi to appear. The simple act of letting her hair down was as a drastic change as when Good Girl Rihanna switched to Bad Gyal RiRi.  Ya’ll remember how RiRi made a complete 180 turn (tattoos, cut her hair, and changed the fashion game).

I love Ledisi.  She’s one of my favorite artists.  She is extremely talented and so beautiful.  She’s about to make me set an appointment and dye my hair.




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