Lipstick Lookbook: Black Radiance

I stumbled on the Black Radiance brand months ago in Walmart.  I decided to give it a shot because the prices were on point.  I purchased 6 lip colors.

brlipstick BR Lipswatch


As you can see I am a red and purple girl.  I love the Black Radiance brand because the product is affordable and of good quality. There is a selection of colors to choose from and the colors are pigmented and long lasting.  The colors are also very creamy.  If you are just getting into makeup, I think Black Radiance is a place where you should start.  Black Radiance also have a good foundation as well, that I will talk about in a later post.

I would give these lipsticks 4 out of 5 stars.  The only reason I would not give them 5 stars is because the packaging is pretty bad.

  • Bad Packaging
    • Opening the product is a struggle.  I know it’s not such a big deal but the tackiness of the label makes it very hard to open the product.  It gets a bit annoying when you have to open 6 lipsticks.  Also the tag glue stays on the tube.
    • You have to be very careful when putting the cap back on the lipstick otherwise the product scrapes into the inner side of the cap, and this creates a mess.
    • Once you tear off the seal you lose the product name.  The name should also appear on the bottom of the lipstick tube with the number.

These lipsticks are worth trying out.  Let me know if you have Black Radiance lipsticks or if you want to try them.


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