The Urge to Purge: Eye Shadow Palettes

Becoming a minimalist is helping me identify what I like and what I don’t.  I really like makeup but I’m not a big fan of eyeshadows.  I usually reach for a certain palette and a certain color all of the time.  I had 12 eyeshadow palettes.


These three palettes, I decided to trash.  They are all very old and I never use them.  I kept them because I told myself that I would use them because they had neutral colors but I never reach for them.  They have no purpose in my life and they are too old to give away so in the trash they go. donateES

I won the Eyes Lips Face (ELF) and Sedona Lace palettes in a giveaway. I have really tried to use them but there’s too many colors (88)  in the ELF palette to choose from.  I’m never going to use this palette to its capacity because I don’t like colorful eyeshadows.  I am a neutral eyeshadow girl.  The Sedona Lace palette has 4 eye shadows and there is only one color that I would use.  I would only use the cooper eye shadow but I decided to let it go because I haven’t reached for it in a long time.  The other two NYX palettes were purchased from HauteLook a year or more ago and I have only used them about 5 times.  These palettes are new and nothing is wrong with them so I am giving them away to my sisters.


This is my keep pile.  I am a neutral girl.  My Urban Decay palette although, it has 3 colors I won’t ever use, it has 3 colors that I really love.  The 3 I hate are a shimmery mess.  Yuck! The Stila and Missy Lynn BH Cosmetics palette have not been used but they are full of neutral colors.  The two smaller palettes, ELF and Wet n Wild are colors that I love and reach for all of the time.

Again, it wasn’t difficult for me to part with these palettes.  I have 5 palettes that I love and I won’t be purchasing any thing else without giving something away.  Moving forward, whenever I decide to purchase another eyeshadow palette, it will never have more than 8-10 eyeshadows.  And I would also go to a brand where I can buy individual colors or a brand where I can make a palette with color I love.

Do you have a particular brand that you love? What colors do you usually reach for?


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