The Urge to Purge: Nail Polish

This year I started my minimalist journey.  It’s been hard for me to try and dive head first into this lifestyle.  And I think that’s because I have a lot of stuff and it’s stuff I don’t really want to depart from. I already told y’all I have attachment issues, but I am working on it.

To make this transition a bit smoother, I have decided to start this journey by doing small purges.  The first purge I am going to do is my nail polishes.

I have a lot of nail polish.  Way too much nail polish.  And I don’t wear them often enough to rationalize keeping them all.  So I started the purge.


This is my pile of nail polish. First, I separate them by brand.  Next, I opened each polish to see if they were still in good condition.  Some were very sticky, some I couldn’t open because the top was stuck on and some I didn’t like the formula.  I decided to trash those.  Then I took my favorites brands/colors and put them in my keep file.  I didnt have a number that I wanted to keep, I just wanted to keep what I love and what I use.  Everything else, that I liked or didn’t use I gave to my sister.

Trash Pile 

Keep Pile 
Donate Pile

Surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard to separate from my nail polishes.  I actually gave them away easily.  My strategy moving forward is that for every nail polish I add, I must give one away.  I want to decrease my keep pile a bit more but right now it’s at a manageable size.  Ideally, I want all my polish to fit in the above box.

Do you own a lot of nail polishes? What’s your favorite brand? How do you store them?


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