Fix My Body

I looked at my butt this weekend and got a bit depressed.  Like why is it really sagging? I don’t have a donk (short for donkey) but I have never seen my butt look like this.  This is not what I envisioned my body to look like at 32. I think it’s because I lost some weight. How? I have no clue but I’m at my target weight now.  So now I need to fix my body.  I want a natural butt job. I’ve dabbled in exercising the last couple of weeks but I haven’t really gone in like I’ve wanted to.  At first, I was all about working out at home but after seeing my butt, I’m considering joining a gym. LOL! Baby, I needed to get this thang worked out like yesterday!  I think I’m going to join the gym near my job so that way I can get it in the morning and after work.  I need to work out twice a day!  So hold me accountable! Ask me about my sagging butt cause I need to get these cheeks standing at attention again.


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