Blogging Everyday in August (BEDA)

In Youtube Land people participate in something called Vlog Everyday in August aka VEDA.  I am going to attempt to participate in VEDA on this forum — so I guess I should call it BEDA (Blogging Everyday in August).  Consistency is something that I am not good at, as you can see.  LOL.  This will be a challenge but I’m going to do it.  I’m not making any promises that I will post everyday after August but hopefully I can start a rhythm.  

I worked out today.  I did abs and arms.  It really kicked my butt. Throughout the workout I really wanted to take shortcuts and even quit but I just went through with it.  I hate working out.  That’s why in the past I paid people to work me out.  Now I’m on a real budget and I have some financial goals set so bootcamps, gym memberships, personal trainers, etc isn’t something that’s a priority considering all I need is will (which is FREE) to get the same results.  So I’ll just put on my big girl panties and build discipline and get my body in the best shape ever.  And it will be pretty awesome to know that I did it by myself.

This morning, my eldest sister, Agnes stopped by my house.  She has been on a 40 Daniel Fast with her church.  It ends tomorrow.  They are actually having a conference this weekend.  I went last night and it was really good.  Benny Hinn is set to be there tonight and tomorrow night.  Micah Stampley led praise and worship yesterday, he is amazing! Anyways, Agnes said she feels so much better after not consuming meat for 40 days.  She said that she uses the bathroom 2/3 times a day and had never been that regular before.  I totally understood how she feels.  Fasting, although it’s mentally tough the spiritual and physical benefits are amazing.  Agnes is sold on the meatless lifestyle I think it’s a great decision to make and it’s actually something that I have been wanting to do for a while.

I ate some chicken yesterday and some during my family cruise and I got a bit disgusted.  I always get nauseous after days of consuming meat.  It quickly goes away and I can start again but I really think it’s my spirit telling me to leave that stuff alone.  I’ve been teetering on becoming a vegan for years now.  I say vegan because the dairy products have to go.  I can’t eat anything with dairy without having to use the bathroom almost immediately after consumption.  I’m highly allergic to dairy but that hasn’t stopped me from consuming it.  I’m coming close to my desire to becoming a full fledge vegan.  I don’t know when it’s going to happen but it has to happen.  I have even threatened myself to watch some documentary exposing what’s in our food to scare me into taking the leap.  LOL.  I’m crazy, I know, but sometimes you have to do some extreme things to force yourself to get on the right path.  I know a lot of people who only changed their diet because they were about to die.  I don’t want that to be my case.  I rather switch over now.  And I’m not saying that veganism/vegetarianism is the end all and be all of great health but balanced meal is necessary.  And we shouldn’t wait for bad news to get us on the right track.  I know once, I have full control of what’s in my refrigerator a lot will change.  It’s hard living with a mother who cooks like everyday.  And when you come home from work and you don’t feel like cooking nothing you just eat what’s available.  Anyways. for now, I will just add more vegetables to my diet and consume less meat.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Everyday in August (BEDA)

  1. Hi! I’ve been thinking of trying out BEDA this month too. It sounds like a really fun idea, hopefully it’ll inspire more consistent content. For me, as a new blogger, that would be a great thing. I really hope your veganism works out! Eating in a way that makes you feel good, inside and out, is really important. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hey! That would be great for you to participate especially as a new blogger. Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m going to work on transitioning into veganism the rest of this year, more veggies less meat. I will be sure to let you all know how it works out!

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