BEDA 2: Self Control

So I’m at this conference, sitting in this arena surrounded by fried foods and soda. Yummy, they taste so good. I want to take my dad up on his offer and buy the concession stand out but my spirit says, “Control Yourself”. Two words that have been heavy on my spirit this year has been self control.  Early on this year, I sat back and thought about my clients and what got them into their situations and the word that linked every situation together was self control.  And I started to think if that word was applicable to my life and I quickly noticed that it was. Control your desires, your attitude, your actions and you will live your best life. I lack self control in a lot of areas in my life. I once lived my life, telling myself that I could have whatever I wanted. I literally thought that I deserved to get and do what I wanted.  It must be the last child syndrome and all of this time I thought I wasn’t spoiled!  My spoiled mentality has caused me a lot of problems, like getting into unnecessary debt and living an unhealthy life. I hate not being able to control my desires! I’m a work in progress. So right now I’m exercising some self control and saying no to those fried chicken tenders and coke. I’m not even really hungry anyways . . .


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