BEDA 4: Developing a Work Out Schedule

I’m on Day 5 of my fitness journey.  I already feel a difference in my body.  I am doing an abs challenge this month in addition to working out 6 days a week.  I alternate between upper body and lower body workouts and I rest on Sundays.  My workout starter kit includes: 5 pound weights, yoga mat and a jump rope.  I am going to be adding heavier weights and a kettle ball within the coming weeks.  On Saturdays I want to do something outdoor: biking, hiking, running or climbing.

Can I share a goal with you all? I sorta kinda want to compete in a bikini fitness contest. I’ve always wanted to see my body in it’s best shape.

But I’m starting small. Let’s see how dedicated I can be to exercising in August.

Ok, ok, ok, I’m going to make this proclamation over the interwebs –

If I stick to my fitness routine for the entire month of August I will sign up for a bikini fitness contest for the early part of 2016.  

If I stick with exercising throughout August I will register on August 30 for a competition and compete next year.  OMG! Did I really just say this!! Did I really just put it out in that universe. #bitingnails

I’ll keep you all posted on my journey.  Let’s get it in!


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