BEDA 7: Current Mood-Flower Child 

I washed my hair last night after 6 days of working out. Yes, it was a necessary wash given these hellish temperatures we’ve been experiencing in Miami. But I already told myself that I was not going to retwist my hair. I just didn’t feel like doing it myself and I was not going to pay anyone to do it either. I just wanted my mane to be wild and free. 

These past weeks I’ve been tapping into my bohemian style. During these occasion I wear baggy clothes, head wraps, flats and I don’t wear any makeup. I must admit my bohemian side is one of my favorite styles because I am the most comfortable. 

Comfort to me is freshly washed untwisted locs, no bra, a 2XL dress and sandals or ankle booties. Oh yeah and shea butter on my skin.  

I always get a comment or two about why my dress is so huge or why am I wearing booties with a certain outfit. And I kindly reply because I felt like it.  I don’t care what people say or what they think because it’s all about me feeling comfortable in my skin.  No, you don’t have to see my shape and no, my face does not have to be beat for me to look and feel beautiful. And the best part is that I spend no time to get ready!

Yes, I can be a runway walking fashionista today and a flower child tomorrow.  I’m a Gemini! Doesn’t that explain it all?! ✌🏾️


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