BEDA 8: No Retwist Challenge (Style #1: Small Buns) #NuGrowthChallenge

I’ve joined the no retwist challenge for 8 weeks. This is what my hair looked like last week.  My Judge was out of town so I was pretty casual last week.


One thing that I rarely do is style my hair.  But that is going to change! While I embark on this challenge I am going to attempt to style my hair as often as I can.  Just because I’m not retwisitng that does not mean that I don’t have to style my hair.  That’s what I have to tell myself. LOL.  Today, I went to a wedding so I had to get my hair together real quick.  What did I come up with?

One of my favorite style is the bun.  I love when I have a fresh retwist and I put all of my hair in a bun.  Because my hair is thick, my buns are massive.  It is kind of my signature style.  But I rarely wear my hair in a bun if my hair is not retwisted. Today, I wanted a bun but I didn’t want all of my hair up so I thought about how I could get the style I wanted.  I played around with one bun at the front of my heard at first, but it didnt look right. Too much hair was hanging down the back.  Then I changed the sections and I decided to add another bun (one behind the next) and I loved the look.  Check me out.


I decided to make two smaller buns (one behind the other) at the front of my head.  I secured each bun with a bobby pin or two.  If you have a big rubber band that should suffice as well. I let the back of my hair hang.  I also put eco styler gel on my edges and tied it down for about 30 minutes before leaving for the wedding.  I like this style. Let’s see what I come up with next.



2 thoughts on “BEDA 8: No Retwist Challenge (Style #1: Small Buns) #NuGrowthChallenge

  1. OMG!! Love your locs and the bun! Styling is one of those things I have to consciously force myself to do too but it drives creativity and it’s always good to have a new hairstyle in your arsenal.

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