BEDA 9: Fitness Update

I exercise at least 4 times a week. I try to do 6 times a week but sometimes I’m too tired. It’s not the norm so I try not to get down about myself if I miss a day or two.  I try to do ab workouts everyday and alternate days for my legs and arms. I haven’t added any new equipment to my routine as of yet. I have the same 5lbs which I use for my workouts. I workout for about 45 minutes to an hour. I am still working out in my home. This may change. I’m not certain. I’ll make a decision by September 1 whether I go to a gym or get a personal trainer.

I need to get back to running. No more 12 miles madness though. I quickly got over that after my ankle injury. I will start running 3-6 miles on Saturdays. I haven’t done to much cardio. I’ve focused more on strength training. But im going to add more cardio.

My arms are always the first to strut their stuff. I was born ripped. I had Michelle Obama arms before she had Michelle Obama arms. Lol. Sounds like a witty rap line. So arms are in number 1 place now.

I’m not impressed with my legs. I naturally have big legs for a skinny girl. In fact my lower portion is where I carry all my weight. My lower legs are average. My calves are nice but I want more muscle definition. My thighs -uh no! I’m not impressed at all. I want it smoother. I wore shorts once and looked down and saw cellulite. Not impressed! I told Yall about my sagging booty. It’s all connected. I need more firmness EVERYWHERE. Although my legs are priority they are currently in last place. 😳

My stomach isn’t where I want it to be either. I definitely see muscle but I thought it would be 6 pack by now. Lol. Especially since I have been on a vegan diet. But I guess a little over 2 weeks of a vegan diet won’t undue over 20 plus years of eating crap. Abs are in second place.

Overall, I think I’ve been doing great. I don’t like working out but I feel and see great changes in my body. I have told people this. I’m not smiling when I work out. It’s a chore but it needs to be done. I’m just disciplining myself to work out because it’s a necessity.

My goal is to continue living an active life. I’m even more dedicated to eating more healthy. I got on this health kick while on this fast and I’m so into vegan eating, although I do crave non vegan foods here and there. I’m still trying to figure out what the next step will be after I end this fast. Will I stay on this vegan path, vegetarian, go back to my old habits?! I’m not totally certain, I still have 4 days to really think about it.

But I’m confident that my body will show greater improvements by December. I guess I should take a picture of my body so that I can track the changes. That may even give me more encouragement.

PAUSE (The moment when you let everything you just wrote on your blog sink in. 3 more months, B?!?!)
OK, I got this!

Laissez le bon temps rouler


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