BEDA 10: Weekend in Orlando

IMG_4249This weekend I took a quick trip to Orlando, Florida.  I stayed at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel near Universal Studios. I was there for a conference so I invited my sisters and nieces to take the quick trip with me. We drove up to Orlando on Friday around 5pm and got in around 9pm.  There was traffic for the first two hours and then it was smooth sailing.  My sister had my nieces put their imagination to use and create stories.  So we each took turn and jumped in to complete the story.  It was pretty fun, we laughed at the twists and turns of the story.

We finally got into town and checked into our hotel.  The hotel was very nice.  The design of the hotel is reminiscent of Italy.  They have several restaurants on the property and a ferry that takes you to City Walk.  We got there pretty late so all we did was have some dinner and then go to bed.

Saturday was pool day.  My nieces and sisters chilled at the pool.  I left my conference a little early to get some sun therapy too.  I went down the slide in the pool several times, it was so much fun.  TIP: If you want to go speeding bullet fast, down a slide, you have to lay completely flat.  That’s the only way I went down the slide and it was awesome! I went so fast that I scraped my elbow at the bottom of the pool when I landed in the water at the end of the slide. LOL. I had no real injuries and the experience was so cool!

IMG_4272 IMG_4277

The hotel has kiddie competitions at the pool.  One of the competitions was a hoolah hoop contest.  My niece won one of the contests and got a free smoothie.  It then started to thunder and rain, so we had to exit the pool.  We went back to the room, took our showers and headed out for lunch.

In the evening, I went to a dinner hosted by my conference. It was on City Walk at a restaurant called Red Coconut Club.  There was a live band and the food was delicious!  After dinner ended, my sister and nieces met me at City Walk and we walked around.  They had a dance contest going on.  It was the longest dance contest I have ever seen! LOL. I mean they had a group of people compete to three/four songs!!! Like really?!?! After the horribly long dance competition they started playing line dancing music and everyone came down to participate. It was cool! We walked around City Walk for a bit then we got my nieces some dinner and we called it a night.

IMG_4297  IMG_4305 IMG_4307

Today, we drove back home in a little less than 3 hours.  It was a nice mini getaway before school starts for my nieces and sisters (they work for the school system).  It wasn’t the most adventurous vacation but it was a detour from our regular lives. I love mini road trips.  It’s a cheap way to vacation and build stronger/healthier relationships with your family and friends.



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