Revisiting Minimalism 

On November 24, 2015 my mother was rushed to the hospital. She had a brain aneryesum.

They cut off her clothes, panties and bra. They handed me her shoes, necklace, earrings and rings.

That moment was surreal. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I looked at each of those items in my hand and they held no real value. What I wanted was my mother. I wanted to hear her voice and feel her. I know it’s cliche but that’s when I really understood that you can’t take worldly possessions with you.

It was really at that time that I whole heartedly committed myself to living a minimalist life.

For the first time in my life I can give stuff away. For a long time I was attached to my clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, everything that I thought represented who I was. Materialism consumed me. I would hold on to items that served no purpose in my life. I just purchased items because I liked it at that moment and I could afford it.

And in the end I found myself drowning in stuff that I didn’t even like or use.

Ever since last year, I have been trying to get rid of stuff but I was never able to committ to becoming a minimalist. Giving my stuff away pained me. It felt like I was throwing away a memory. Every item felt like a piece of me. The fact that I owned that item at one time in my life made me think that it was special to me. When in fact it wasn’t. It was just a dress that I wore on my birthday. It held no true memories, I hold those memories and they are forever stored in my heart and mind.

In late December, I finally looked at my bags of stuff and said, “gets to stepping”. #MartinVoice

I went to Plato’s Closet and Rumors Boutique and I made over $100. I already told myself that I was getting rid of these items and I was open to accepting as low as $2 for most of my stuff. I did not want to go back home with all my stuff and I didn’t. I just let it go and I felt relieved that I wasn’t going home with all of those bags. All I have left from my first purge is a small bag that I’m going to donate.

My removal process is to first try to sell. My online preference is PoshMart. And as stated before I also sell to stores. If I can’t get rid of my items that way I donate them to either my sister, my niece or a thrift store.

Now I have to comb through my clothes once more, go through my jewelry, comb through my shoes again and look at my handbags. If I don’t use it, it has got to go.

I don’t have a magic number of items I want. I just want to love and use everything I own.

Here’s to simple living.



3 thoughts on “Revisiting Minimalism 

  1. When I cleaned out my mom’s bedroom out after her death, I realized that over the years she too had been scaling down. This was the woman with the real gold jewelry who randomly would give me these things as the years went on. By the time she had passed, she had only kept her momentos, a bunch of hats (Haitian women and their hats) and old family photos. Thanks for sharing.

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