Temptation 1: Dining Out

Good habits results from resisting temptation. 

Today is Day 14 of my financial fast.  Although the fast is set for 21 days, I’ve decided to  fast for the entire month of January.  A sistah has some real goals this year and I plan on reaching them.

The fast has been a cool ride. Although, I must admit that I have had some strong food temptations.   Who would’ve known that eating out was one of my major expenses?!?! I mean I know I eat out but I never really sat down and did the math about how much money I spend on dining out.

I’ve learned that the way to win is to always have something packed to eat. I try my best to always eat something for breakfast, even if it’s something quick like a boiled egg or some oatmeal. Prior to this fast I was not a breakfast person.  I still don’t think that I am a breakfast person but I realize that having something in my stomach helps me get through the mornings better and it curbs my appetite for lunch. I also always try to pack my lunch.  Some days I have no real food (left overs) at home but I pack two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – again something real quick to eat that will prevent me from having to spend because I didn’t go to work prepared.  Those sandwiches definitely comes in hand and holds me until I get home.

During the work week I use to eat out about 3 times during the week. I would average my lunchtime spending to be about $30-$40.  This is not counting weekend dining expenses.  This fast has allowed me to save that money and to eat healthier (no fast food for me).  The biggest part that sucks is not being able to socialize with people over food/drinks.  I had a couple of people ask me to lunch and I just have to be real with them and let them know that I’m on a fast. It sucks but it’s all about the Benjamins in 2016 forever.  I don’t plan to never eat out after the January fast but dining out is definitely a luxury and I won’t be participating every week.

I am missing Starbucks.  I mean I could technically go as I have a free reward but I’ve decided to wait until the fast is over to celebrate my successful completion and possibly my last drink (made at Starbucks, cause I will be my own barista).

This fast is doable!  And that’s what I love about it! Before it seemed like I needed ALL of my wants but now I realize that I really don’t.  This mind shift is also highly influenced by my minimalist journey.

Here’s to Netflix & Chill (literally).




3 thoughts on “Temptation 1: Dining Out

  1. Coincidentally, I’m enrolled in the 21 day FInancial Fast by Michelle Singletary Winter Bible Study class at The Church Without Walls church in Houston this month too!! Our class is painfully enjoying the book’s new principles. Happy Savings when it’s all said and done!

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