February Challenge

In January I focused on my finances. In February it’s all about the body baby. This month my focus is on health. This month I am challenging myself to eat clean and train dirty. I have been going to the gym for about 3 weeks. My plan is to work out 5 times a week. […]

BEDA 9: Fitness Update

I exercise at least 4 times a week. I try to do 6 times a week but sometimes I’m too tired. It’s not the norm so I try not to get down about myself if I miss a day or two.  I try to do ab workouts everyday and alternate days for my legs and […]

Fix My Body

I looked at my butt this weekend and got a bit depressed.  Like why is it really sagging? I don’t have a donk (short for donkey) but I have never seen my butt look like this.  This is not what I envisioned my body to look like at 32. I think it’s because I lost […]

The Bug

This weekend was rough! I fell ill on Saturday.  My throat started to hurt, and it always begins like that.  I didn’t have a fever but I had body aches and my nose was running like crazy.  Felt like the beginning of the flu again.  I am traveling out-of-town this week so I had to […]

Day 1: Plank and Green October

I didn’t smoothie it today. But I had spinach for dinner with boiled plantains. Now I’m going to plank for a minute. I love doing challenges because I start to consciously think about what I put into your body. I drank a soda but I had to think twice about it. I succumbed to the […]