It is finished (well kind of) . . .

Today is the last day of the 21 day fast! I successfully completed it! Today’s challenge is to calculate how much I’ve saved by not spending for these last 21 days.  I looked at my expenses from December 1 – December 31 and I spent $200 on eating out. The other expenses in the month of December were necessities so I didn’t count those. I looked at my January credit card bill and I spent not one dime on food or anything that was not a necessity.  I am very proud of myself.

For the first time in my life, I actually did a budget.  It was a major eye opener.  Earlier I strayed away from the idea because I knew what I would see – that I was living above my means.  My mind is stamped with the number I have after taking care of necessities.  I was kind of disturbed when I learned that I aint got it like that. But I am so glad that now I know and knowing is half of the battle! #GIJOE

I also learned that I have an entitlement attitude.  I feel like I deserve the world and the world tells me the same thing.   I am bombarded with advertising messages that encourages me to give in to my sense of entitlement. A lot of my debt accumulation is directly related to my sense of entitlement. I am even reconsidering some trips I have planned this year because I really don’t deserve to go.

I learned a lot about credit card usage and I am limited my use of them moving forward and using more cash.

This was the perfect way to start my year off.  I will be continuing on with the financial fast until the 31st of January – I just can’t stop in the middle of the month.  I will also be tackling different challenges throughout the year.  I encourage you to pick up the book if you want to be a better steward of your money. I’m sure you will be blessed.

Here’s to Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money



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