The Age of Oversharing

Social media has really gotten on my last nerve these past few weeks. I find myself getting angry at the amount of information people share on social media.  It really has caused me to look inwardly and reflect on how I use social media and it has forced me take a few of steps back, cause that… Continue reading The Age of Oversharing


Life Update Part 4 (What had happen was . . .)

Boyfriend turned to Fiancé on Christmas Eve.  I am still in shock and on Cloud 9.  I knew something was brewing but Fiancé knew I was onto him, so he started saying things to throw me for a loop.  I was initially 100% certain that I was going to get engaged on Christmas Eve but that percentage… Continue reading Life Update Part 4 (What had happen was . . .)

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Life Updates Part 3 (Final)

When the ultrasound technician said there was only one baby in my belly, I was relieved.  Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to have twins some day but I’m glad that God saw fit to give me just one this round. My pregnancy was rough in the beginning.  People talk about morning sickness,… Continue reading Life Updates Part 3 (Final)