Life Updates Part 2

I told him that he needed to go inside Walgreens and get the product.  I was sort of embarrassed to ask a clerk to open the glass and pick out a pregnancy test then go to the front and purchase it. So I told him that he needed to do it. And he agreed.

I don’t think he really believed that I could actually be pregnant. Heck I didn’t really believe it but my period was a couple of days late and I kind of figured maybe I was but I wasn’t completely sold on the idea. We actually laughed at the fact that we were doing something so absurd, like buying a pregnancy test for someone who wasn’t pregnant. But we got the test just to confirm that we weren’t and we went home.

So I peed on the stick and we waited for our results. I don’t remember what we talked about for those 3 minutes or if it was complete silence but those minutes flew by.

Boyfriend went into the bathroom to see the results. I was still in the bed, I was too scared to learn my fate. Boyfriend was silent. He didn’t say a word. I got out of bed because I knew he was playing a trick on me. Boyfriend was trying to act surprised to make me think that we were pregnant. I laughed my way to the bathroom, like “Boy, you play too much!”
I glanced down on the stick and saw 2 pink lines. I screamed in shock. Two lines meant I was pregnant!!!

I talked myself into believing that I was not pregnant. That was the only way I could cope with this unexpected news. I felt like I was dreaming.

I took another exam (there were 2 in the box) and same thing, 2 lines.
Boyfriend was online researching false positives and decided that we needed a more expensive pregnancy test, so he went back to the store.

I didn’t know what to do so I called my sisters and told them what the pregnancy test said. The pregnancy test said I was pregnant. I couldn’t bring myself to say, “I am pregnant.”

They told me that over the counter pregnancy tests were pretty accurate but to confirm with a doctor.
I called Boyfriend to come back and told him that he didn’t need to buy the more expensive pregnancy test.

I don’t think I got much sleep that night. My mind was racing with thoughts of adding a baby to my life. We had always talked about marriage and starting a family in 2017 but that was next year not this year.

We had our first doctor’s appointment the following week to confirm pregnancy. And to my surprise we were definitely pregnant. I still didn’t fully believe it.

We next had our first ultrasound. It was nerve wrecking because Boyfriend is an identical twin. I’m not done yet.

Boyfriend’s mom is a twin AND

Boyfriend’s father is a twin.

Hold up, I ain’t done.

Boyfriend has a set of aunts who are twins.

And boyfriend’s first cousins (mother’s twin sister kids) are twins.
Yes girl! All those twins in his family.

So I’m praying at the ultrasound appointment that there aren’t multiples. I’m like, “God spare me this round.” Lol. And the ultrasound revealed that …
Stay Tuned for Part 3


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