Life Updates Part 3 (Final)

When the ultrasound technician said there was only one baby in my belly, I was relieved.  Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to have twins some day but I’m glad that God saw fit to give me just one this round.

My pregnancy was rough in the beginning.  People talk about morning sickness, I had all day sickness.  Being pregnant during this season of my life was hard because I just started a new job.  And this job required that I bill a certain number of hours every day.

Every morning I would vomit bile without fail.  Throwing up is the worst.  It’s exhausting. And when you have nothing in your stomach and your body is forcing anything to come out it hurts.  My nausea lasted throughout the entire day.

I tried 3 different brands of prenatal pills.  The first one was prescribed by my physician, then I switched to an over the counter brand and then my doctor recommended gummies.  They all made me feel worse whenever I took them. So I stopped taking them altogether.  My doctor even told me that only a small percentage of women actually need prenatal vitamins.  I guess I ain’t a part of that group of women cause they were not working for me.

My pregnancy even made me a vegetarian for a week because I could not stand the smell of meat.  I had these very random aversions to very random scents.  I had this taste in the back of my throat that drove me wild.  Thank goodness, I wasn’t a spitter but I always had to have something in my mouth to overcome that disgusting taste.

I would have these horrible migraines that would put me out of commission for an entire day.  Thankfully they would usually come on a Saturday and I would just lay in bed all day and throw up after every meal I tried to eat and after every liquid I tried to drink.  Without fail I would throw up anything that I put in my mouth.  My last all day migraine happened on a work day a couple of weeks ago and I was throwing up everything.  I actually was leaving court and felt like I had to vomit so I tried to make it to the bathroom but that didn’t happen so I ran outside and vomit exploded from my mouth.  So embarrassing.  I then went to my office and when I threw up for the third time in the day, this time in my office garbage can I was like,  “It’s time to go home”.  I called a Lyft.  I got in the car and 3 minutes into the ride, I asked my driver to pull over because I had to throw up.  He was so kind and he did as requested.  I opened the door and went to work in the middle of downtown Chicago.  He offered me some water, I drank some of it and of course that came up too.    I have had to jump off the bus because I had to throw up.  A couple of days ago I found some airplane puke bags that I carried in my bag during my period of nausea and I praised the Lord because he delivered me.  I would carry those bags around just in case I had to puke.  I would always figure out where the bathrooms were in places just in case I had to puke.  My life revolved around puking. LOL! Not funny!

Being pregnant has given me such a respect for mothers.  This road is not easy.  The love for my momma runs deeper than ever before and I am excited about learning so much from her on this journey of motherhood.

Lastly, there is no one I would rather be on this journey with than with my man @CitizenDrummer.  I still remember the excitement in his voice the first time we saw our baby.  He asked the technician so many questions, it was the cutest thing.  To hear him talk about his hopes and dreams for this child, that we only know by its kicks, is inspiring.  To watch him with the biggest smile plastered on his face while he look at his baby on the screen, gives me a peace beyond understanding.  To hear him tell his baby about all the amazing adventures that they will embark upon takes my breath away.  My child will have an amazing father.  I have no regrets about who I chose to create life with.  I am honored to be his partner on this journey.

Baby Drummer is set to make his/her arrival into the world April 2017.  It’s been a crazy journey but God is great and I know that we are more than capable and ready for this new phase of our lives. I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


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