The Age of Oversharing

Social media has really gotten on my last nerve these past few weeks. I find myself getting angry at the amount of information people share on social media.  It really has caused me to look inwardly and reflect on how I use social media and it has forced me take a few of steps back, cause that thang is pretty dangerous.  My mouth has hit the floor and my head has shaken so many times at the foolishness that people post.

I had no intentions on fasting this year because I’m pregnant but maybe, just maybe I’ll fast off of social media.  It’s kind of scary to see how attached we are to our phones.  You go anywhere and the amount of people engaging others through their phones instead of the person right in front of them is disgusting.  It’s scary how we crave the approval of others.  Everything we post is for a like, a love, hell we will even take your virtual pity. Social media does not validate how attractive you are, how deep you are nor how down you are.  Heck, with all these damn filters and with access to google anyone can be whoever they think will get the most likes.  We also buy into the lie that if it’s not plastered all over our social media accounts then it ain’t real. If I don’t show you that I’m in the hospital then it didn’t really happen.  If I don’t show you that I cried after the death of a loved one then it didn’t really affect me. If I don’t keep you updated about every single thing I’m doing while on vacation then I’m not enjoying myself.

Ya’ll it’s a bit much and it’s pretty sad.

You don’t need social media to live your life.  In fact, most times I believe being too engaged in social media prevents you from experiencing the beauty of everyday living.  I remember being on the bus traveling to work one morning and I was on my phone, doing God knows what.   I happened to  look up as the bus was on Lake Shore Drive and the lake caught my attention, so much that I said, “Wow” aloud.  I was literally in awe by the majestic scene of the lake that morning.  I would have missed that opportunity to be moved and inspired by God if I didn’t put my phone down on my way to work.  I don’t think that all social media is bad as it can be used as a tool to connect, inspire and inform but when in the hands of the wrong person it can be destructive.  I’m not saying not to share I just think that we should be mindful of why we are sharing and how much of it do we need to share.




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