Life Update Part 4 (What had happen was . . .)

Boyfriend turned to Fiancé on Christmas Eve.  I am still in shock and on Cloud 9.  I knew something was brewing but Fiancé knew I was onto him, so he started saying things to throw me for a loop.  I was initially 100% certain that I was going to get engaged on Christmas Eve but that percentage decreased drastically as Christmas Eve approached.

On Christmas Eve we had breakfast at Sweet Maple Cafe, his favorite brunch restaurant. We had the pork chop special, which for some reason was really good.  That’s what he always orders. Me, I’m a grits, eggs, sausage and toast kind of girl.  This was our weekend breakfast staple in our household.  But we decided to split the pork chop special and I was licking my fingers after that meal.

We then went to Garfield Park Conservatory.  This is where the proposal happened.  Boyfriend wanted to see the Holiday Flower Show.  This year’s exhibit was Sky Forest.  Boyfriend sat down on a bench and I sat next to him.  When his voice started shaking as he was saying very sweet things, I told myself, “Girl, it’s happening!” It was like an out of body experience.  It was very surreal. I saw him reach down for something so I closed my eyes, thinking that this can’t be happening.  When I opened them up, there was this  beautiful ring staring at me.  He asked me to be his wife and I couldn’t really speak.  I finally said yes after some time and I have been living in the heavens ever since.

Our next stop was The Nutcracker at the Auditorium Theatre.  This was my first time seeing The Nutcracker.  Fiancé grew up watching it on television during Christmas but this was his first time seeing it live as well.    The music, dance and set designs were amazing. It was an awesome experience. Hopefully the show will return to Chicago next year and we can support this beautiful production again.

We ended the night with dinner reservations at The Signature Room.   Fiancé and I are seated and I’m just cheesing from ear to ear.  I’m looking around, looking outside the window at our beautiful city and Fiancé is like, “So, you’re not going to read the card? This ain’t no center piece!” LOL!  I did not notice the 12 beautiful roses right before me.  I was just so happy to be there with him.  The arrangements were so beautiful!  I then opened the menu and it was personalized with our names and a cute little memory of our first date.  The food was so good.  Again, maybe love affected my tastebuds but that steak and duck was on point.  I couldn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine but we had their Godiva Banana Pudding for dessert and that was so good.  I know we caught the elevator to the 96th floor to get to the restaurant but I was way higher than that.  Fiancé really outdid himself.

On Christmas Day, Fiancé surprised me with more gifts. This man is so good to me.  I got an autographed copy of The Underground Railroad and Beats Headphones.  Of course, if he didn’t tell me that the wrapped up gifts staring at me on the kitchen table were mine, I would not have known.  LOL! Again, totally clueless. It didn’t even cross my mind that he was going to get me a Christmas gift.  I was perfectly satisfied with my Christmas Eve experience so it never crossed my mind that there would be more.  The headphones were so special to me because they are also Baby Drummer’s first gift.  Fiancé purchased them because he wanted Baby Drummer to listen to music.  The story goes that Fiancé’s mom listened to classical music while carrying him and his brother.  In the 4th grade their teacher played classical music and they immediately fell in love.  Fiancé says it was as if he heard it before, which he believes was in utero.  Today Fiancé and his twin brother love their classical music.  Did I ever tell y’all about the time he took me to the San Francisco symphony to hear one of his favorite composers and I fell asleep?!  I need my baby to accompany their dad to the symphony cause bae bae, it ain’t for me.  LOL.   Anyways,  Christmas 2016 was just an amazing weekend.

I always thought I would cry when I got engaged but I didn’t shed a tear.  I just felt full and I’m not quite sure tears could fully express how I felt at that moment.  I am thankful, humbled and honored to be on this road with my Fiancé.

UPDATE:  This post took me about a week to edit and post so I won’t hit y’all with a part 5.  I’ll just spill the beans here.

Fiancé turned into Hubby on December 31, 2016 (pictures coming soon on IG).  I’ve been a wife for 24 hours!

In a very short time frame, a lot has changed.  It’s going to take some time to get use to.  It’s a lot to process and sometimes I feel like I’m living in a dream world.  This is not the life I had just a couple of months ago.  Don’t get me wrong I am very happy and excited about this new journey I am just trying to balance the Brenda Pacouloute I’ve known for 33 years and Brenda Pacouloute Drummer who I’ve just met.  It’s going to take some time but I know she will soon develop into a more fabulous, newly improved Brenda.

Happy New Me!


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