February Challenge

In January I focused on my finances. In February it’s all about the body baby. This month my focus is on health. This month I am challenging myself to eat clean and train dirty. I have been going to the gym for about 3 weeks. My plan is to work out 5 times a week. I run for 30 minutes and then I go on the machines. I try to work out for at least an hour but most times I’m there for an hour and an half.  I was really considering getting a trainer but I think I’m going to hold off. Let’s see where I can take my body in 29 days. 

On the 19th of this month I will begin a 40 day Daniel Fast. That’s when my eat clean component will kick in. Lol. Right now I’m not eating bad but I could definitely improve. I’m going to go shopping every week and meal plan. 

The apps that I am using are Nike+ and My Fitness Plan. I use the Nike+ app to record my runs and My Fitness Plan to record the foods I consume. I love the Nike+ app because you can create running challenges and invite friends to join. This month’s challenge is to run 75 miles by the end of February. This is actually the shortest distance this friend has ever challenged me to. Lol. Right now I’m in 5th place. 

I love the My Fitness Plan app because it calculates the amount of calories you need to consume and burn daily to get to your target weight. It also breaks down how much sugars, carbs, fat, protein and sodium you should consume in a day.  Today, I wanted a frappe but I had a bagel this morning and a can of soda during lunch. My remaining sugar intake for the day is 14 and a venti frappe is 65 (yes, girl I did day VENTI. I haven’t had a frappe in over a month).  My app tells me that I can not have a frappe because I would go over my sugar intake. But I can have a frappe but only a frappe on any given day because it takes up my entire daily sugar intake. I’m going to holla at a frappe this weekend.  

I am also trying out the Fit Girl’s Guide which is a cool program that lays it all out for you. It gives you a meal plan with recipes and tells you what exercises to do. I’m doing this program with a group of ladies starting on February 8. I’ll keep you updated on this fitness plan. 

I have some body goals for some events this year. I’m in pretty good shape but I’m trying to get some horse legs. Lol! I’ll try to take some pics to document this fitness month. 

What are your February goals? 


4 thoughts on “February Challenge

  1. I had been debating whether I should get back on Fitness Pal. I used to have the little books with all the calories! (Dated myself). I was so obsessed! But I was in my best shape then. Back to Fitness Pal I go!

  2. I have been working out with a personal trainer for the past 2 months and see an amazing change in my strength and clothes.

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