It is finished (well kind of) . . .

Today is the last day of the 21 day fast! I successfully completed it! Today’s challenge is to calculate how much I’ve saved by not spending for these last 21 days.  I looked at my expenses from December 1 – December 31 and I spent $200 on eating out. The other expenses in the month… Continue reading It is finished (well kind of) . . .


Temptation 1: Dining Out

Good habits results from resisting temptation.  Today is Day 14 of my financial fast.  Although the fast is set for 21 days, I’ve decided to  fast for the entire month of January.  A sistah has some real goals this year and I plan on reaching them. The fast has been a cool ride. Although, I must admit that… Continue reading Temptation 1: Dining Out

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The 21 Day Financial Fast

Michelle Singletary wrote this book that challenges people to change their spending habits.  It’s for 21 days but it teaches you how to gain financial peace and prosperity for the rest of your life. You read a chapter a day and after each chapter there is an assignment. I started it yesterday, January 1 and I… Continue reading The 21 Day Financial Fast